Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rotisserie Chicken

I needed some rotisserie chicken for another recipe (baked Mac and Cheese with Buffalo chicken) so I got a couple 4 1/4 pound birds and put them in the grill with my rotisserie. I'm using this recipe for Roadside Chicken from TVWBB. I marinated the birds in the RS mix for about 2 hours before they went on the rotisserie on my Gold C. I made a foil pan to put under the chickens to catch the grease.

I preheated the grill and then turned all burners to their lowest setting. I put some apple and mesquite in a smoking wood box under the flavorizers. I'm not sure it made any difference.

I put some of the RS mix in the now empty Worcestershire sauce bottle and sprinkled it on the rotating birds about every 15 minutes during the cook.

timetemp comment
4:50 PM
birds on!
5:30280°/255°front burner up a notch (mid and rear still on low.)
6:48379°/300°meat pulling back on legs - need to check temp soon.
7:00birds off!
Temperature reading: Maverick ET-73/Hood thermometer.

The birds came out tasting pretty good. The skin was not crispy but I suppose I'd need direct heat for that.