Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Smoking Wood Test: Pecan

Time for another smoking wood test. This time some store bought Pecan chunks.

Once again, the mix is Salmon, Tilapia, pork, chicken, beef and a potato. There is no seasoning other than some oil to promote moistness. As usual, the test is performed in the mini-WSM (Weber Smoky Mountain) using the single smoking wood and Royal Oak lump charcoal.

I have also installed a dome thermometer in the lid to compare readings with the Maverick remote.

Weather is 81°, sunny and light wind (13 mph.)

4:12 PM Meat, fish and veggies on!
4:23235°/150° (*)
4:28 230° Holding off on the temptation to open the bottom vent, recalling that the grate always tends to read low on the mini.
4:40242°/270°Beef patties! Still on the counter. So I took the fish off and put the beef patties on.
4:59 243° Just ordered LOTR-EE (BR) :D
5:25 227°/170° Burger patties shrinking so they're off. Checking temp on the pork and it's at 160°. I'll wait for it to hit 165° to allow the chickenlegs to finish.
5:39 245°/° Pork at 168245°/° - time to take the remaining meats off! (Chicken, pork and a split spud.)

(*) grate/dome - Grate is measured at the top grate using the Maverick remote and dome is read from a dial thermometer installed through a hole in the cover.

Here is what the results looked like:

Here's an initial impression of the flavor added by Pecan:
  • Chicken legs - mild very pleasant smoky flavor.
  • Pork country rib - subtle pleasant smoky flavor.
  • Tilapia fillet - mild smoky flavor.
  • Beef patties - extremely subtle, not sure I can even taste the smoke.
  • Salmon fillet - mild smoky flavor.
  • White potato, halved - mild smoky flavor.
Overall, Pecan reminds me a bit of cherry in that it seems to work well with fish and fowl and is relatively mild. This is a surprise as I expected something more along the lines of Hickory.

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