Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gobble-Part 2

This is my second turkey in recent days. The first was the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving for our family celebration. This one is to take to First Friday. I got a 16 lb frozen (injected) bird and will see how that goes. Since it was already injected, I did not brine. I seasoned it by stuffing with apples and onions and some fresh rosemary packed into the neck and body cavities. I also pushed some rosemary and garlic under the skin on the breast.

Weather this afternoon is 43°, cloudy and light wind at about 5 mph. There seems to be little chance of rain before the smoke is finished.

Fire is with mesquite lump and smoking woods are oak, apple, cherry and maple (box elder.) Fire was started using the Minion method and once closed up, only one bottom vent was left open. The top vent is open of course. The water bowl is loosely lined with heavy duty foil and there is a foil drip pan under the bird (on the bottom rack.)

Stuffing has been prepared with:
  • bread dried in a warm oven
  • Three Jonathan apples
  • three mediun onions
  • some garlic
  • about 3/2 lb crisped bacon (pepper bacon.)
  • fresh rosemary
  • several stalks of celery
  • walnut pieces
  • a couple splashes of turkey stock
Onions, celery, garlic and rosemary were cooked a bit before mixing in with the rest of the stuff. Additional seasoning included thyme, sage, marjoram and oregano.

timetemp comment
3:37 PM
Bird on!
5:20x/x/xOpened a second bottom vent and poked the meat probe into the turkey.
5:40x/299°/120°Going to put the dressing under the bird.
7:10x/x/163°While taking the temp with another thermometer, the 'turkey done' thing popped up. Done! And off!

Results? The dressing tastes great! Evaluation of the turkey will happen tomorrow when it is served.

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