Saturday, April 7, 2012

More grilling and rotisserie work

I haven;t been doing much smoking these days, but I have some big smokes coming u;p. I promised my neighbor some pulled pork for some bobcat work he did for me and I'm also committed to make [pulled pork for an upcoming BMW club event.

Last night I grilled some walleye on my Platinum and using my magic cast iron grate. Before I put the walleye on, I grilled some eggplant, Spanish onion and broccoli raab, all brushed with EVOO and sprinkled with salt and black pepper. The fish was seasoned with peanut oil, salt and pepper and some Adobo Seasoning (Peazey's.)

I get a nice grill with the cast iron grate and fired with Mesquite lump. Before I put the fish on, I threw a few pieces of cherry on the coals and they added a real nice flavor. I love grilled vegetables and diner was good!

A week or two ago I rotisserie grilled a pineapple. this is the one that is sprinkled with a sugar/cinnamon mix. It was going slow and I got to not watching it for a while and so it got a little charred, but it was still good.

The big news recently is a change in the equipment lineup. I delivered my Genesis Gold B to my fishing buddy in Munster. He is really excited about it. He's been making do with a lesser brand and should get many fine years out of a Weber. That leaves me with a Q220 and Genesis Silver A for my gas grills. I think they'll be sufficient. Should I need more space than the A provides, I'll fire up the Q. On the same trip, I stopped in Valpo and picked up a 1985 Weber 26 3/4 grill! It had been used as part of a store display and then tucked away and had never ever been fired up. It's brand spanking new. I'm pretty excited about that and we picked up a 12 lb. leg of lamb for an inaugural cook on Easter Sunday.

Today I'm going to roast a couple more Road Side Chickens on the rotisserie so I can make another batch of Buffalo-Chicken Mac 'n Cheese. They're marinating right now. In an hour or so I'll spit them and put them on the grill. These were both about 3 lb.

Weather is 64° F with light clouds and wind light at about 5 mph. As of 5:50, the clouds are heavy and a light drizzle has begun.

Today the rotisserie is back on the Silver A and that's what I'll be using for the chicken. I'll take the grates out and set some kind of drip pan on the flavorizers. (Probably make a drip pan from heavy duty aluminium foil.) I've also made two foil pouches with cherry and black walnut for a little smoke. Those went on with the birds.

timetemp comment
5:22 PM?/pegged (cooker/lid)Birds on! Heating up the grill on full while I spit the birds. I cut both burners down to minimum and after a few minutes (while I got my ET-73) I raised the back burner up to medium.
5:37pegged/400°Too hot - both burners back to lowest setting. then front between low and medium.
6:39361°/340°Good temperature.
7:51365°/350Nice stable temp - chicken nearly done.
8:10330°/340°Birds done!
(cooker - ET-73 inserted in the side of the cooker. lid is the Weber lid thermometer which goes up to about 600°)

Bird's off and resting for a bit before I pull them off the spit and cut up a piece or two for a late evening snack. As before, it tasted pretty good. However I didn't get a lot of smoke flavor even with two smoke packets. I think next time I may try the chickens on a charcoal grill.

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