Friday, August 9, 2013

Cindy asked if farm raised salmon tastes different from wild caught. I did not know the answer so when I saw both in the fish case at Sam's I bought some of each to try. Some will be grilled while the rest will be smoked on a mini using cherry wood for smoke.

Weather at the start of the cook is about 78° and wind has picked up a bit to 9 mph. The sky is a little cloudy.

The salmon prep was simple to avoid coloring the results. I wanted to see what the difference was. I  seasoned with salt and pepper.

The meat was divided between smoker and grill. Smoking was done with briquettes and some cherry for flavor. Grilling was similar.

timetemp comment
Salmon on the smoker!
5:12325°Salmon beginning to firm up. Will give it a few more minutes.
5:20 325°Salmon off!

The color of the wild caught salmon was deeper in spite of the coloring added to the farm raised. There is a distinct difference in flavor as well. The wild caught fish had a more robust salmon flavor. Both were good and I have a hard time deciding whether to pay more for wild caught or not.

What to do differently next time: My only disappointment was that I slightly overcooked the grilled salmon. I prefer it a little on the rare side and it was cooked through. It goes so fast!

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