Thursday, December 19, 2013

Couple more stuffed faties

I had a roll of breakfast sausage in the fridge and needed to use it or freeze it. I decided it smarter to use it. :D And besides, we have finished the fatty I made a little while ago. I also had this package of ground beef in the refrigerator that I wanted to deal with. I decided to mix it with the sausage and wrap it around a roll of chorizo sausage with some sharp cheddar.

Weather was warm today with temps warm at about 39°F. Sky was cloudy and wind was light at just under 10 mph.

I started mixing the ground beef and breakfast sausage. There was enough for two fatties.

It spreads out on was paper pretty easily with a wood spatula moistened with warm water.

And then spread out some cheese and get the chorizo ready to roll.

This time I twisted the ends of the wax paper to see if that would seal them up.

These also roll out nicely with a second piece of wax paper and a rolling pin.

Both fatties went into the freezer to firm up a little while I prepared the bacon weave.

And ready to put on the fire. (Should have had a little more bacon.)

I cooked again on the 14 WSM (Weber Smokey Mountain). I fired it with some Royal Oak lump and a few pieces of hickory. Water pan was dry and foiled. I started with two bottom vents open and cut that back to one part way through the cook. I measured cooker and meat temperature using a Maverick ET-732. When the meat hit 155° internal temperature I cranked the heat up by removing the water pan and opening all bottom vents. I also stirred the charcoal a bit to knock the ash free. When the meat hit 170° I took it off to rest and put some zucchini on to grill.

timetemp comment
3:55°Close up the cooker and wait for the fire to settle. Two bottom vents wide open.
4:05245°/???°/???° (lid/meat/grate)Meat on!
4:40280°/115°/295°Went to one bottom vent open. I would like to go a little slower and allow more fat to render off.
5:20290°/158°/280°Pulled the foiled water pan out, stirred the coals and opened all vents to get some heat to see if I can crisp the bacon.
5:45335°/171°/363° Meat off and zucchini to go on.

These fatties are great! The spicy core blends with the wrapper and the cheese just adds another shade. I wish the bacon wrap would crisp but it tastes good nevertheless. Add some hickory smoke flavor to that and it is just fantastic!

What to do differently next time: Twisting the ends seem to have sealed the cheese in pretty well. the bacon still didn't crisp. Maybe next time fire up a separate kettle really hot to see if that does it. Maybe put the fatty on the bottom rack to get it closer to the coals.

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