Saturday, April 16, 2011

I like to smoke my food

It started with a Weber Smoky Mountain a couple years ago. No, actually with a Weber Kettle that we received for a wedding present many years ago. I didn't even use that Weber for several years until one day I decided to have a go at making some baby back ribs. They came out so good I regretted not having made use of this present from day one. I still have that kettle. To it I've added a larger one (22 1/2") , a Smoky Joe, a small Weber Smoky Mountain (18 1/2") and a Weber Performer. Our patio is getting a little crowded. :D

The Weber Smoky Mountain WSM has definitely taken me to a new level. It really works well for charcoal based smoking. If it has a drawback, it is that it is fairly large. I'm cooking for two mostly and the WSM works well for about 15-20 lb of meat. I also started collecting various woods with which to flavor the smoke. I wanted to try them out, but not on 20 lb of meat.

My next adventure in smoking was to modify my Smoky Joe into a miniature WSM by using a large aluminum pot as a middle section. It was modified by removing the bottom and adding supports for grills and a water bowl. My original goal was to use that for smoking wood tests but I found it also useful for smoking smaller portions appropriate for a couple people.

Here's what it looks like in action.

In the past I've always logged my smokes on my PC. That's convenient, but I thought I'd have a go at logging via a blog, so here goes!

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