Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Smoking Wood Test: Cherry

This s another smoking 

Doing the usual mix of meats:
  • Chicken legs
  • pork country rib
  • tilapia fillet
  • beef patties
  • salmon fillet
  • white potato, halved
There is no seasoning other than some oil to promote moistness.

Weather 36° and rain has stopped but it remains cloudy. Wind is light at 7 mph.
Firewood Briquettes and chunks of Cherry wood.I did add a couple cups of water to the water pan.
1:07 PM Hot coals on a modified Minion lay.
1:22 160° Time to put meat on!
1:46 157°/36° Temp recovering after opening to put meat on.
2:26 205°/37° Raining now - just a light drizzle but apparently enough to keep a lid on temps. It seems like there is no need to close down the bottom vent at all.
2:35 212°/37° Fish gotta be done - burgers too, so everything off the top grate. Meat probe put in the pork too. And the now waterless water pan was sizzling right along so I cut down the bottom vent to about 1/2.
3:00 206°/152°
3:30 205°/154° Time to open up the bottom vent a bit? I think so! Stirred the coals about too
4:13 248°/177° Coming along nicely. At 180° the chicken. pork and spuds will come off.
4:30 248°/182° Meat and spuds off! And it sure does smell good in the kitchen!

Here are our initial taste test impressions:

  • Chicken legs - nice subtle flavor
  • pork country rib - nice subtle flavor
  • tilapia fillet - very nice flavor
  • beef patties - subtle
  • salmon fillet - very nice flavor
  • white potato, halved - very nice flavor

Overall, the cherry was not a strong flavor but complements fish and potato very well. Both salmon and tilapia were very good. With beef and pork the flavor was good but more subtle.

I tried something a little different this time. I went with tables to format the running notes for the smoke. In a formatted document I use hanging indents but I cannot see how to do that in HTML.

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