Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tea Smoked Duck

I found a couple small (2 1/2 lb) frozen skinless ducks while defrosting the freezer. I put them in the refrigerator for a slow thaw with plans to smoke them. I've done them before using the info from Steve Raichlen's site Primal Grill.

Weather... Holy cow! Last night and yesterday we had the most rain and flooding since we moved here in '87. Water is flowing over our street by the creek and parallel streets on either side are closed due to flooding. Right now it is raining lightly, temperature is 60°F and wind is light.

I put the ducks into a ziplock gallon bag (they barely fit) and added a double recipe of the marinade last night. This morning I flipped the bag over to help distribute the marinade.

I decided to fire up the 18.5 kettle - my oldest Weber - for this cook. It has the daisy wheel dampers (like the WSM) which will provide better temperature control compared to the one touch system on modern kettles. I'm using some of that funny shaped Royal Oak briquettes with some apple and cherry chunks as well as the tea smoking mix wrapped in foil. I used about half a chimney of briquettes. One bottom vent is closed and two others are open about 1/3. They're a little loose so they are probably admitting more air than I really want. The charcoal slightly overflows a single charcoal basket. Temperature is monitored using the dual purpose probe on the ET-732 stuck through the vent. This is probably not the best, but I don't think temperature is critical for fowl. I'll check for doneness using the Maverick Weekend Warrior probe.

timetemp comment
2:21 PM
Ducks on!
3:05358°Brushed birds with some sesame oil.
3:30 325°Threw a couple more briquettes on though there seemed to be plenty left of the original charge. Poked a thermo in the duck breasts and they were 155-160° so they should be done soon. I also rotated them to put the other side closer to the fire.

They were good!

No need to do anything different. :D

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