Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What to do with those Easter eggs?

Smoke them!

Weather is frosty at 32°F and wind light at just under 10 mph.

Eggs were boiled and peeled. We never got around to coloring them. :(

This is going to be a quick smoke on the mini. I did use the mini-chimney again. :D I added a couple small chunks of cherry for smoke wood. I started out with both vents on the SJG (Smokey Joe Gold) about 1/3 open but at about 5 minutes I closed one completely. I also then added an empty water pan which I had left out.

timetemp comment
9:45 AM°Eggs on!
Added empty water pan.
9:55271°/?That's better - I don't need too much heat in the eggs.
10:05289°/240°Eggs off!


I just need to remember to put the diffuser pan in place before starting the smoke.

But wait! There's more. I was wondering what else to do with a hot smoker and decided to throw the three rib bones on that I had trimmed off the standing rib roast when carving it. That should make a nice lunch. :D

Outside temp is now up to 34°F.

I opened the mini-WSM up and threw on a few more pieces of lump. I had already closed it up, but the vents on the SJG do not close very tightly so some coals were still burning. I also threw on a couple pieces of oak and a chunk of mesquite. In a few minutes the wood was smouldering so I closed things up and put the meat on. I also opened one bottom vent about 25%.

timetemp comment
10:45 AM
Bones on!
10:56322°/210°Closed the single bottom vent to just a crack open. (Top vent still wide open.)
11:30319°/?Meat off.

The ribs and other piece were very tasty but the rib was pretty gristly. I put the other two back on a much cooler grill (225-250°) and left them on for a couple hours. I'll find out if that helped when I eat them.

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