Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bell Peppers and Beef

With a nod to Jet, I'm making Bell Peppers and Beef today (AKA Pepper Stout Beef.)

Weather is very pleasant at start with temperature at 54°F and wind light at 6 mph. The pit location is sheltered by high fences so it is really pretty calm. The sky seems a little hazy so there is not much sun.

We picked up a 4.8 lb chuck roast at the grocery along with some peppers, onions and rolls. I'll be following the Wolf Pit recipe which I found on I also got some mesquite chips

I'm cooking away from home so this will be a bit of a minimalist cook. I have at my disposal a 22.5 Weber kettle and a proper charcoal chimney. We also got some mesquite chips so I'll be using those for some additional smoke flavor. Since I have no charcoal baskets, I plan to use the snake method for charcoal fire management. That involves a triple row of briquettes aroud the edge of the charcoal grate that is then set with some lit charcoal at one end of the 'snake.' Since I'm not looking for 'low and slow' specifically, I will employ two snakes. Desired temperature is about 275°F. If it runs a little high, I can moderate with by choking off the bottom vent. I need to have this ready to serve by 2:00 PM so I have to keep it moving. The only temperature measuring device I brought with is my Maverick Weekend Warrior so that will be used to spot check the cooker as well as the meat.

Two snakes on fire in the hole! (Good threads on this technique can also be seen at and

Salt and black pepper for the rub - KISS!

Lit coals on the snakes.

I think we're ready to add meat!

Looking good at the two hour check.

The bed peppers and onions is ready for the next stage.

But I do not need all of that stout for the recipe. Hmmm... What to do with the rest. :D

Ready for the next stage!

Once it has cooked long enough the beef shreds easily.

Food stylists have no fear of me!

timetemp comment
7:48 AM
Close up the cooker
8:00382° meat(lid)Meat on! (Bottom vent to about 1/2 open.)
8:47341°Looking good - figuratively speaking. I did not open the cooker. (If you're lookin' you're not cookin'.)
10:00(143°)Opened to check progress. Good!
11:22302°(174°)Transferred meat to the cast iron pan with veggies and covered with foil. Since the cooker is cruising along I just put it back on the kettle.
11:36309°Would go full open on the bottom vents but have just been advised that I have until about 5:00 PM to finish so no need to rush!
12:20 PM245°Opened bottom vent full and threw a few more briquettes on.
12:45245°Firing up the gasser to move the cook to that.
1:20250°Temp near the middle of the gasser with two outside burners on lowest setting. I cranked them up a little.
1:40309°Cranked up a little more.
2:00(204°)Removed the cover from the meat. Parts are not yet probe tender. I tore it into chunks as best as I could and it will cook further as the liquid reduces.
Beef is shredding easier now. Once the liquid is reduced a little more it will be ready to serve.
Off the fire ad shredding easy!

meat°(lid°) => measured using a Maverick Weekend Warrior either poking in one of the vents or stuck momentarily into the meat.

This was very tasty. I used only three jalapeƱos vs. the five recommended and it was appropriately hot for our tastes. The meat was very tender and moist. Yum!

How could I improve this? Hard to say. My first reaction is to suggest some additional seasonings such as bay, thyme or cumin. I also thought that a tomato or two sliced into the mix would add an additional layer of flavor. There was certainly nothing wrong that I need to fix. I suppose I could use one green and one red pepper for more color.

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  1. This looks super!
    Got here from the throwdown thread since I wanted to see the 'excruciating detail'.
    This is now a 'must cook'!